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royalCollection Procedures Test
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1. All collection calls are for the sole purpose of collecting on the account, you are never to harass or aggravate the customer *
2. Can you continue to call the customer's job even after being asked to stop by the employer? *
3. When leaving a message for the past due customer, you leave your name and phone number; do you also leave the name of the company? *
4. Should references be called if you have a good home phone number or place of employment? *
5. Is it against company policy to make in person collection visits. *
6. If someone other than the customer asks what this call is about, do you tell them you are with a finance/collection company? *
7. Would you ever tell the past due customer that paying their account with us would fix their credit rating? *
8. When making collection calls, when do you use the name of the company in your call back message? *
9. If a reference has no information on the past due customer or tells you they haven't been in contact with the customer for years; would you continue to call this reference? *
10. Unreasonable Collection Tactics are not permitted by company policy *

All Incorrect Answers will be reviewed and discussed
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